Custom Waterjet and Manufacturing Systems

Dsg Waterjet are offering custom machines by Wardjet who are constantly creating new technologies and innovations. What drives them to do this? Customers with unique applications that require better solutions than what is already available which drive them to see difficult situations as opportunities to revolutionize and innovate.

Absolutely everything we do has a custom feel to it. Small adjustments here and there are made for every customer. Since every customer has a different application we customize and optimize our waterjets to fit you instead of you having to fit your waterjet.

Custom Manufacturing Systems

Richard Ward explains some of the finer details of what goes into the development of a custom manufacturing system.

Custom Waterjet Retrofit with a Plasma Cutter

6 Cutting Heads Idependently Driven

WARDJet Full Automation System

WARDJet Fully Automated Waterjet Cutting, Washing, and Drying System

ZXL-1224 Cutting Pipe with Rotary Axis and 5-Axis Cutting Head

This Z-Series waterjet has been customized for pipe cutting by adding a heavy duty rotary axis, and 5-axis cutting head. Also included is an area with our standard Job Shop Grates, safety surround, and auto shut-off safety curtain.