About the E-Series Low Cost Waterjets

After almost twenty years of industry experience creating the best quality waterjets on the market, Dsg Waterjet and WARDJet are excited to announce the value-engineered E-Series waterjet cutting machine. When compared to other low-cost waterjets, the E- Series stands alone. The E-Series offers many of the same features of large, expensive waterjets at a reduced price. The durability and dependability of a WARDJet machine is unparalleled – the E-Series can improve the quality of waterjet cutting completed in your shop for many years!

Common Materials Cut on an E-Series:
Wide range of steels, aluminum, stone, tile, glass, wood, concrete, composites, etc.

ModelLengthWidthZ Height
E-15305 ft (1.5 m)10 ft (3 m)12 in
E-15155 ft (1.5 m)5 ft (1.5 m)12 in
E-06062 ft (0.6 m)2 ft (0.6 m)12 in


Cutting Envelope: 1.5 meters x 3 meters

Z-Height: 12 inches

A low-cost 1.5 meter x 3 meter waterjet built to the same high quality specifications of all other WARDJet waterjets.


Cutting Envelope: 1.5 meters x 1.5 meters

Z-Height: 12 inches

A low-cost 1.5 meter x 1.5 meter waterjet built to the same high quality specifications of all other WARDJet waterjets.


Cutting Envelope: 0.6 meters x 0.6 meters

Z-Height: 12 inches

The E-0606 is great in an R&D environment, but it is also an ideal waterjet solution for small job shops and universities.

E-Series Features

Made in America

Made exclusively in America from top to bottom, the E-Series is designed to offer many of the same features as larger, custom waterjets at an affordable price.

Access to Cutting Area

The E-Series sets itself apart from competitors by featuring greater accessibility – operators are able to load material through the table in both directions as well as work from either the front or back of the machine. Also, the E-Series design reduces the need for operators to climb on the table to load or unload material.

The E-1515 allows for 10 feet of direct access and 10 feet of side access, while the E-1530 increases that amount to 20 feet of direct access and 10 feet of side access.

Index larger sheets through the cutting area

With open front and back and sides, sheets 5’ wide by unlimited length can be feed through the cutting area of the E-Series. 10’ x unlimited on 1530.

Pump Choices

A 30 horsepower pump comes standard with all E-Series models. Larger pumps are available to suit your needs. WARDJet can help you analyze your application to help you select the most cost-effective solution.

Solid Construction

Although the E-Series waterjets are a smaller size and lower price, the quality that customers come to expect from WARDJet is not compromised. The E-Series utilizes the proven technology of 3232 ball screws with 25mm linear rails to provide accuracy as good as our Z-series waterjets.

Easy-to-Use yet powerful controller interface (MMI)

The controller and MMI software on the E-Series are the same as they are on million dollar WARDJet machines trusted by aerospace companies and hundreds of other WARDJet customers around the world. The easy-to-use WARDJet MMI interface allows operators to learn the software and work on the machine with minimal training.

Infini Hopper

Allows for up to 9 pre-set abrasive flow rates for easy switching between nozzle combinations.

Remote Diagnostics/Remote Control

As with other WARDJet products, remote support comes standard in the event that assistance is needed to operate the waterjet.

Easy Installation – Do it yourself and save money

With minimal set up, an E-Series could be running the same day as it is delivered at your facility! The E-Series series waterjets are so easy to install that you could do it yourself (provided certain conditions are met).

WARDJet Analytics

Monitor what has been cut on your machine from any internet connected device.


Quickly convert DXF files to CNC files with a few clicks of the mouse.

Free Training at WARDJet

Free training at WARDJet for as long as you own the machine. Your only costs are your travel and living expenses to get here. We might even buy you lunch one day.

On-line Support

Access to on-line videos and manual for training and support.

QR Code Support

Quickly access support information from your smart phone by scanning the QR codes place around the machine at various strategic locations. Need a refresher on how to change the seals on the pump? Scan the QR code and get that information on your cell phone, or email it to yourself so you can check out the information on another computer.

Free Updates to Controller software and WARDCAM

Currently, WARDJet does not charge for updates to our Ikuhlu and WARDCAM software.

Run your machine from a laptop

Should something happen to your MMI (someone backs a fork truck into it and smashes it), simply unplug the network cable and plug it into a Windows XP or Windows 7 laptop that has our controller software loaded on it and run off of the laptop.

Want to know more?

Please call DSG Waterjet to learn more about machines and accesories.

E-Series, WardJet

Cantilever Belt Drive System, Competitor

Restricted Access System, Competitor

Cantilever System, Competitor

Abrasive and Water -Only Cutting Capabilities
Ability to Load Material thru the Machine from the Front to Back
Ability to Load Material thru the Machine Side to Side
3 Ballscrews for Crossbeam and Sidebeams
Made in America
Able to Cut up to 500 in/min
3 AC Motors For X, XX and Y
Option for up to 4 Separate Z Axes
Ability to Run off Laptop (Standard)
Bar Code Scanner to Load Programs (Option)
Built -In Camera for Skype and Tech Support
Grate Support System Can Hold 12″ Thick Steel Plate
12″ Z Travel (Standard)
Mirror Image Front and Back Access for Operator
Super Cut Technology- Higher Cutting Speed at 60,000 psi (Option)
Waterjet Abrasive Recycling Ready with WARD Pro
Infini Hopper (Standard)
Job Shop Grates (Standard); Heavy Duty Grates or Combination (Option)


Emerald 1530 – 8 Heads, 2 Adjustable Spreader Bars

WARDJet Multiple Head cutting system with Auto Head Spacing and Shuttle Table Material Handling

Emerald 1530 for Rolls & Sheets

Feature Overview – Emerald-1530 for Rolls and Sheets

Emerald 0606 Small Format Waterjet

Shipping a Low Cost Emerald Waterjet is Easy

Emerald Waterjet Used for Production

Emerald Series Low-Cost Waterjet

Emerald Waterjet Cutting Gear

Emerald Waterjet Cutting Foam


Call DSG Waterjet to Own an E-Series Waterjet .

DSG Waterjet works closely with finance companies and can help you find a finance solution ideally suited to you.


You CAN recycle your abrasive!

Increase Profits!

Save money by reclaiming upwards of 60% of your used abrasive.

Let Us Prove It!

See how you can reduce your abrasive cost to £ 0.03 per pound!

More to Consider


WARDJet offers 2 main controllers with their waterjets, the X-Classic, and the XL


WARDJet provides you with four different grating options; each one is specific to a different application.


WARDJet offers a full range of reliable and efficient waterjet intensifier pumps for every application.