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DSG Waterjet – Servicing, Repairs and Maintenance

Servicing, Repairs and Maintenance for Waterjet Cutting Systems

All our engineers at DSG Waterjet are extensively trained and over the years have been heavily involved in the servicing of all makes and models of waterjet machines.Our waterjet service engineers have field experience and knowledge that has been built over years of servicing that we believe cannot be beaten.

When you receive a service from DSG Waterjet we travel to your site and complete an extensive analysis of your waterjet cutting machine. We complete a multi-point check of your machine and advise and carry out any appropriate maintenance or repair to your waterjet cutter. If required we would replace any worn or damaged waterjet cutting components to the full manufacturer’s specification. We can use our replacement parts to carry out a service at a vastly reduced cost to distributor parts, (these often have large margins added to them) or if you prefer you can order parts directly from the distributor for us to fit during our service, the choice is yours. We carry out a full 50 point check on your machine and at the end of our service you will receive a copy with any advisory points noted.

When you have received a service from us all our customers are provided with full technical support on our dedicated phone line with one of experienced engineers. As our customer we want you to have the peace of mind that you have a support team in place that ensures your waterjet runs effectively and efficiently, working to its full potential. Our aim is to build sustainable working relationships for years to come, we let our performance speak for itself.

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Our Servicing Components

  • Diagnostics and Analysis

    Our experienced technician will arrive on your site and provide a full analysis of you waterjet cutting machine and will pinpoint any failing or under performing component through extensive fault diagnosis.

  • Component Testing

    Component based usability testing is completed looking at both effectiveness and efficiency. Any wear and tear would be assessed and advised upon if it effects the machines performance or safety.

  • Repair and Maintenance

    Our repair service involves fixing any mechanical or electrical element of the waterjet cutting system, should it become broken or inoperable. Maintenance aims to provide prevention rather than cure.

  • 50 Point Checklist

    Our 50 point checklist is an informational job aid that prompts the waterjet owner of any system failings, notes or potential concerns. The aim is to stop small problems becoming big ones.

  • Technical Support and Aftercare

    Our dedicated technical helpline enables our customers to speak directly with an expert engineer about any technical query. In addition we provide world class after sales and support on sales and services.