The WARDKit 2×2 by DSG Waterjet

The Wardkit 2×2 Is a perfect size machine for Universities or Colleges that want an affordable solution to add to there workshops to boost curriculum based activities in various areas of automotive, engineering and aerospace study to name a few. This machine, given it can cut virtually any material makes it an excellent small footprint rapid prototyping machine.

The Wardkit 2×2 Is also ideally suited for small workshops that need the ability to cut small batches of parts or test sample pieces without affecting the material properties by adding heat into the part as this is a cold cut process.

What comes with the WARDKit 2×2 by DSG Waterjet?

  • 30HP Intensifier Pump
  • Z-Carriage with Abrasive Cutting Head
  • PC-Based Laptop Controller
  • Ikuhlu CNC Controller Software Package
  • 1 seat of WARDCAM Software
  • 1-year parts warranty on non-consumable items
  • Ruby Orifice
  • High Pressure Tubing to Cutting Head
  • Standard Mini Hopper
  • Abrasive Feed Tubing
Some of the WARDKit 2x2 features
Crossbeam ball screw driven
Proven WARDJet software (Ikuhlu and WARDCAM)
Job Shop Grates™
Ergonomic tank design
Made in AmericaMachine Footprint: 2074mm x 2029mmMachine Footprint: 4057mm x 2029mm
Able to cut up to 500 inches per minute
12” Z travel
Cutting head
WARDJet Analytics
Standard WARDJet Warranty
AssemblyAssembly required Fully Assembled
Gantry Voltage 110 Volts 220 Volts
HMI (Human Machine Interface)PC-Based LaptopXL Controller
Pump25 horsepower intensifier pump 30 horsepower intensifier pump
Pump Tool KitBasic Pump Tool Kit (excluding torque wrench)Full Pump Tool Kit (including torque wrench)
Drive SystemS200 DriveGeo Brick Drive
Bulk Feed HopperOptionalIncluded
Abrasive Delivery DeviceStandard Mini Hopper Infini Hopper
Technical Support5 free hours includedUnlimited
Acrylic Side GuardsDrawings provided, no materials includedSide Guards provided
TolerancesQuoted tolerances acheiveable with proper setupQuoted tolerances guaranteed